The Good News This Week…May 16

Sharing the good after a lot of bad this week. A lot of sad, scary, bad.

Sharing a Moment:

The girls gave me a one of a kind creation for Mother’s Day. They’re good girls, you know?



Sharing Stories:

25 Snippets of Wisdom For a Better Life: Some I knew, but it’s always great to have a reminder.

Recycled Disney Footage: I pride myself on knowing ALL Disney, but this I haven’t seen before and it’s made me very happy.

Hungary Veteran Calls 911: I’m so sorry for this man, but so thankful for this 911 operator.

What The Best Education Systems Are Doing Right: Thinking a lot about my teacher friends lately. Maybe we can make some changes? Sigh.

Oldest Recipient of Doctorate After Nazi Injustice is Righted: This is so beautiful. What a strong, 102 year old woman.

Sharing a Podcast:

Chris James was on the show sharing research about the future of churches in the Pacific Northwest. Seems like the more we go forward the more we go back to the beginning. Podcast here.

I hope something here lifted your heart a bit today! 

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