For Nathaniel ~ Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Nate andeezomerman

He was known by many names. Nathaniel. Nathan. Nate. Son. Brother. Grandson. Cousin. Nephew. Friend.

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I learned this information on September 19. I needed to know on September 18.

The show I host, Rose City Forum, was dedicated to Nathan today. Unfortunately, the 4th segment had issues. So here the whole show in it’s entirety. If you just need to hear the last part, go to minute 35:35


The first time I interviewed Ken Wytsma about his book, “The Grand Paradox”, I asked how we are supposed to know what God’s will is. Decisions – life – can be paralyzing, even to the point of driving someone with mental illness into a further state of depression.

Ken gave me advice I’ve taken to heart and repeated to myself again and again. I told him I needed to tattoo his wisdom on my forehead. I chose my wrist instead.

tattoo wrist

If I had spoken to Nathan before he died, I would have shared this with him. I would have told him that life completely sucks sometimes, but we go forward. We sludge through the pain, we get the help we need, and we move.

We walk forward and trust. That gets us to the next day. And next days have potential to be pretty dang wonderful.



  1. Nicole says

    Nate was honestly such a nice kid I remember him coming on the bus everyday asking me about my day and giving me a high five and I also graduated with him. Love and him.

    • Andee says

      I am deeply sorry about your stepson, Doreen. I would never wish this pain on anyone. I am grateful you brought the Out of the Darkness walk to my attention. I just looked up our walk here in Portland. I can’t do it Sunday, but I will plan on it for next year. Prayers for you as well.

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