The Beauty of Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch Erika Morrison

A few weeks ago I met Erika Morrison via telephone. You know how sometimes you meet a person and you feel like you’ve known them forever? This time, I really did wish I’d known Erika forever. For if I would have met her earlier in life, maybe I’d be a better person than I am today.

Erika is the woman I want to be when I grow up. (Even though she’s younger than me. Just use your imagination.) She’s strong in her faith and not afraid to invite anyone into her life. Rich, poor, clean, or grimy, she’s reminding us we are all God’s children; here to care for one another and be beauty together.

Erika spoke with me on the radio in time for her book release. Pick up a copy here and while you’re waiting for the book to arrive, listen to her enchanting words below. Then let me know if you decide to move to the inner city or invite a drug addict to a movie.

P.S. And I’d really love to meet her mom, too!

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