SC 10 Goals and Quests

2016 Stumptown Christian

2016, I’m ready for you!

In this week’s podcast I talk about resolutions vs. goals and quests. Chris Guillebeau’s book, The Happiness of Pursuit, influenced how I’m approaching this new year. I’ll tell you about past “quests” and why I think they are so much better than resolutions.

Also, I talk about the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Holy cow, that book is…well…life changing. Hear about how I’ve changed because of it and why, for me, it doesn’t just apply to material things. Have you read it? Comment below and tell me what the ideas have done for you.

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Tell me your quest, goal, or resolution for 2016. I’d love to hear what is energizing you this year.


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