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Create vs Copy Stumptown Christian

Ken Wytsma has done a ton of things. Good things. Things like starting a church. And founding The Justice Conference. And writing books. And presidenting a college. (That’s a verb, right?) And, most importantly, with his wife is raising 4 daughters.

Last year, Ken wrote a book which changed my life. On March 1, his latest work will be made available. I’m willing to bet this book will change others’ lives as well.

Create vs. Copy is Ken’s plea for God’s children to discover their gifts and talents. He begins with,

“When people say, ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body,’ not only is it untrue, it’s denying  the image of God in us.”

Ken explores our creativity aligning with God’s purpose and shares how others have been able to change the world because of it.

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