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How lucky am I to have been given the opportunity to host a radio talk show? One of the greatest experiences of my life, I was proud to take my listeners with me via podcast when I left the noontime airwaves last year.

Stumptown Christian was my follow up to Rose City Forum. But now, the show with a Portland, OR focus is turning into so much more.

While the name of the podcast changes, the promise to introduce you to inspirational, motivational, celebrational, muppet-ational,  guests remains the same.

In January, I’ll come back to you with a bigger focus on “Faith”; whether that faith is religious, spiritual, internal, or all of the above. Instead of a focus solely on Portland, I’ll expand the show’s boundaries to find people serving all over the country.

Thank you for your support and care in the past and I pray, the future. The community I’ve met through interviews has enriched my life. I hope yours has benefited as well.

Merry Christmas to all and more than ever, I pray: Peace on Earth.


    • Jon Sherwood says

      Reality is real…it’s a blessing to hear the true hurts, struggles and victories of a Christian person. There are many scriptures pointing to our struggles, pain and victory though Christ only…whatever the victory is…better life, overcoming personal sin, peace, peaceful death…helping the poor, extinguishing racism in our own ways, treatment of women, creating community, knowing scripture and its applications to daily living, LOVING! LGBT. Come on are we really still dealing with this BS! Remember you and I or your pastor is in charge of salvation or of who is worthy…memo,,,none of us are “worthy” or in charge of anything except our selves.

      Also, helping those with the deep and gripping enemy powers of addiction…or Putin, Cheney and Trump. Bring it on Andee…We need truth and reality more than ever before. Even the best/worst lies look ok to many…We are lied to by tv, radio, employers, friends, history books, Hollywood, government, music messages, thousands of times without us being discerning enough to shut it off or do something about it and teach our kids the difference between truth and lies.

      I am trying to know and be honest…I am still lost in myself a lot of the time.

  1. Jim Doherty says

    Andee I love you and admire your passion and courage to put yourself out there. Nothing I am going to say here will change that, but I would encourage you to reconsider your plan to drop the name Christian from your pod cast. I appreciate claiming that moniker aligns you with a crazy family and their incomprehensible voting patterns, but “Christian” doesn’t belong to the Evangelical Right. It is first reference in the book of Acts as a name given to followers of Christ in the city of Antioch. And it was probably intended as a name of derision meaning “little christi.” They nevertheless clung to it.

    But you know all of that. The larger point is character of language itself. It is a shared instrument and we don’t get to claim words and organize their meanings to include the things we like and exclude the things we don’t. Quite frankly, the fervor in our culture to disassociate ourselves from every thing and everyone that doesn’t think, speak, and act like us is part of what got into the mess our country is presently in.

    I’ll also point out an instructive irony. When I logged on to listen to you podcast the ads that sit alongside you thoughtful comments about faith and culture were ads for an alternative to Botox and a site called something like “Naughty Needs” which seems to be searching for boyfriends for Russian Women. I know these don’t represent you, but there they are. It strikes me that if uncomfortable association is the motivating factor in your word choice shouldn’t these be a consideration.

    Sorry to be contrarian. I’m still a Christian. Hope you’ll still associate with me (kidding).

    • Andee says

      First of all, maybe if I kept you as my weekly spiritual leader I wouldn’t be having this problem. I adore you and look up to you, and my personality needs your calm presence to bring me down.

      Second, I need some time with the word “Christian.” As I continue the podcast, I plan to keep faith front and center. I have put a wall up to prevent people from thinking I am like what the 81% of evangelical voters stand for. I’m not sure how long this will take.

      Thirdly, I am appalled by the ads you saw! I do not see the feed on my site and the only ads I’ve allowed are supposed to be charity in nature. I appreciate the heads up and will take immediate action. I never wanted to make money on this site and only wanted to promote businesses like Compassion or World Vision. I guess this isn’t happening.

      I appreciate every word you wrote. Thank you for caring.

      • Jim Doherty says

        Let me just clarify. I am not offended that a website would use advertising to support their service as a vehicle for communication. I’m also not shocked that advertisers would titalate subscribers to get clicks. The point is that the community we associate ourselves with doesn’t give us control over the scope or color of their identity. Not even the “Christian” community is as clean as we would like, and sometimes they embarrass us. It’s just part of being a family.

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