Ep 06 Dave Schmelzer: Blue Ocean Faith


Something happened to me after I read Blue Ocean Faith. An inner peace I haven’t experienced in a long time washed over me. Instead of anxiety wondering what is right and wrong about the Bible, instead of anger when “Christians” don’t act Christ-like, instead of tension when discussing interpretations of Scripture…I felt “Solus Jesus”.

Dave Schmelzer talks with me about the Blue Ocean Church movement and what can happen when places of worship accept people for who they are. Straight or Gay, Republican or Democrat, Man or Woman; the focus is not who/what/where/when/how, the focus is Jesus.

Dave discusses the 6 distinctives of Blue Ocean:

  1. Our primary framework is SOLUS JESUS.
  2. Our primary metaphor is CENTERED-SET.
  3. Our approach to spiritual development is CHILDLIKE FAITH.
  4. Our approach to controversial issues is THIRD WAY.
  5. Our approach to other churches is ECUMENICAL.
  6. Our approach to secular culture is JOYFUL ENGAGEMENT.

Blue Ocean Faith is a great book for those who are curious about Jesus. Blue Ocean Faith is an excellent book for people like me who are so frustrated with how Western Christianity is represented lately. In a time when I am considering giving up the practice of organized religion, Blue Ocean Faith is showing me there is a way to live out compassion: Just follow Jesus. What a novel idea.

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