Ep 09 Heather King: Holy Desperation – Praying As If Your Life Depends On It

Heather King owes her well-being to prayer. After hitting the rock-hard bottom, she changed her life around - though not immediately. She became a Catholic and adopted the discipline of prayer. She writes about her practice in Holy Desperation. We chatted about: what … [Read more...]

Ep 06 Dave Schmelzer: Blue Ocean Faith

Something happened to me after I read Blue Ocean Faith. An inner peace I haven't experienced in a long time washed over me. Instead of anxiety wondering what is right and wrong about the Bible, instead of anger when "Christians" don't act Christ-like, instead of tension when … [Read more...]

SC 39 Mike McHargue Finding God in the Waves

Mike McHargue is a Fundamentalist turned atheist turned Jesus follower. He now hosts the podcast, Science Mike, co-hosts The Liturgists, and is author of Finding God in the Waves: How I lost my Faith and Found it Again through Science. If you've been listening to Stumptown … [Read more...]