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Mike McHargue is a Fundamentalist turned atheist turned Jesus follower.

He now hosts the podcast, Science Mike, co-hosts The Liturgists, and is author of Finding God in the Waves: How I lost my Faith and Found it Again through Science.

If you’ve been listening to Stumptown Christian, you know I had my own “turn of faith” this summer. I found Mike’s book trailer through a friend and immediately knew I needed to contact him for an interview. Our conversation will tell you more and if you’ve never heard of Mike before, you’ll be a new fan, I promise.

Mike will be in Portland on November 20th at The Village Ballroom in NE Portland. Listen to the podcast, grab your tickets to the live event, and join me and countless others in listening to this man who seems to know the “none zone” so well.

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    As someone who has dealt with persecution for my atheist beliefs, developments such as the ones in this article are a breath of fresh air. Despite this, I doubt that much will change: religious belief is too ingrained in the minds of many people for me to expect anything will be different in the future.

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