SC 32 The Convergence Lectionary Part 2: A Conversation with Dr. Eric Elnes and Rev. Floyd Tompkins

I hope you had a chance to catch Part 1 of my conversation with these Biblical scholars. In this episode Eric and Floyd get deeper into the details of the Convergence Lectionary. In Eric's words, here's what the curriculum with cover: For those of you unfamiliar with the … [Read more...]

SC 31 The Convergence Lectionary Part 1: A Conversation with Dr. Eric Elnes, Rev. Floyd Tompkins, and Dr. Jim McDonald

Justice. Peace. Love. The lessons of Jesus lead to these three things. The ways of our world? Not so much. I sat down with Dr. Jim McDonald, President of San Francisco Theological Seminary, Rev. Floyd Thompkins, Director of the Center for Innovation in Ministry, and Dr. Eric … [Read more...]

SC 19 Bethany Hoang, Kristen Johnson – The Justice Calling

The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance, a meaningful read written by two women with a heart for loving God's children. Bethany Hoang has seen firsthand the injustices of the world through her work with International Justice Mission. Kristen Johnson, associate … [Read more...]