SC 40 Suzanne Stabile, “Enneagram Master” – The Road Back To You

Suzanne Stabile's co-author, Ian Cron, describes her as a "ninja level, Mr. Miagi from the Karate Kid, kind of teacher." I feel like Daniel-son. The Enneagram has fascinated me for the last year, but talking to Suzanne after reading her book, The Road Back To You: An … [Read more...]

SC 21 The Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord Part 1

The Enneagram is rocking my world. I'm slow to catch up with this personality profile craze. I went my whole adult life explaining myself with the Meyers Briggs terminology ENFJ. Surely all personality profiles are similar, yes? No. In the short time I've known about the 9 … [Read more...]