SC 16 Zac Gandara: Losing Our Religion

What happens when you leave a mega-church and denounce all religion in order to follow Jesus? Zac Gandara did just that and now he serves his community by being the best neighbor he can be. His podcast, Losing Our Religion, explores conversations not usually found between church … [Read more...]

SC 15 Debbie Clarke Moderow – Fast Into The Night

Sometimes you think you'll know what a book will be about and it ends up being completely different. I knew Debbie Clarke Moderow's latest work, Fast Into The Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and Her Journey North on the Iditarod Trail, would be about a race in Alaska. I didn't know … [Read more...]

SC 13 Can You Be Colorblind? A Conversation with Cliff and Diana Chappell and Matt O’Donel About White Privilege and Racism

Black. White. Brown. Do you see the color of people's skin? Or are you "colorblind"? If you answered "colorblind", I'm willing to bet you are Caucasian. There's a whole world of racism out there. To deny it is to bury your head in the sand. If we truly want racism to be … [Read more...]

SC 12 Water 1st International with Molly Briscoe

What do you think about water? Do you think about water? What's in your mind as you stand under the shower for 20 minutes, or you let the water run until the temperature is just right, or when you forgo the tap for a $3.99 bottle of H2O? If you're like me - you probably … [Read more...]