SC 26 Bethany Tran – The Root Collective

Ethical shopping is a passion of mine. Shoes are a passion, as well. Who new the two would marry together so beautifully? Bethany Tran founded The Root Collective, footwear that is not only super cute, but also creates jobs for so many faced with gang life and extreme … [Read more...]

SC 24 Elizabeth Esther – Spiritual Sobriety

Elizabeth Esther was part of a fundamentalist, religious cult. Her book, Girl At The End Of The World: My Escape from Fundamentalism in Search of Faith with a Future, captivated me from the beginning. Stories about how families become involved in cults is always … [Read more...]

SC 21 The Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord Part 1

The Enneagram is rocking my world. I'm slow to catch up with this personality profile craze. I went my whole adult life explaining myself with the Meyers Briggs terminology ENFJ. Surely all personality profiles are similar, yes? No. In the short time I've known about the 9 … [Read more...]