SC 21 The Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord Part 1

The Enneagram is rocking my world. I'm slow to catch up with this personality profile craze. I went my whole adult life explaining myself with the Meyers Briggs terminology ENFJ. Surely all personality profiles are similar, yes? No. In the short time I've known about the 9 … [Read more...]

SC 20 Chris Guillebeau – Born For This

Chris Guillebeau is an adventurer. The blogger of The Art of Non-Conformity has written books inspiring people all over the world. I mean this literally. Chris has been to every country in the world and hosts World Domination Summit right here in Portland, OR every year. His … [Read more...]

SC 19 Bethany Hoang, Kristen Johnson – The Justice Calling

The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance, a meaningful read written by two women with a heart for loving God's children. Bethany Hoang has seen firsthand the injustices of the world through her work with International Justice Mission. Kristen Johnson, associate … [Read more...]

SC 18 Amy Zellmer ~ Brain Injury Awareness Month

I reached out to Amy last year after reading her Huffington Post article 5 Things Every TBI Survivor Wants You To Understand.   I didn't know the acronym for Traumatic Brain Injury, but I knew the symptoms about which she wrote. As a stroke survivor, my disability is … [Read more...]

SC 17 Ken Wytsma – Create vs. Copy

Ken Wytsma has done a ton of things. Good things. Things like starting a church. And founding The Justice Conference. And writing books. And presidenting a college. (That's a verb, right?) And, most importantly, with his wife is raising 4 daughters. Last year, Ken wrote a book … [Read more...]